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Digging for Home


We’ve all done it—sat there and wondered what our canine companions were thinking while staring at the television with us during a ball game. Ponder no more! Irrepressible golden retrievers Parker and Dixie Ames have made it their mission to take you inside the dugout for a dog’s-eye view of the innings and outings of the great game of softball. Assisted by their Siberian husky pal Lucy McMan-West, an obliging cast of canine cohorts, a chicken, a turtle, and a llama named LaRue, the dynamic duo reminds us that softball is not about winning or losing—it’s about finding the shortest route to the concession stand.

Filled with quirky explanations and colorful photo illustrations, Digging for Home is a tasty ballpark treat that’s packed with heart, hilarity, and plenty of doggone good fun.

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