Book Four in the Kate & Jay series

Nearly three decades ago, Katherine Kyle and Jamison Parker saved the life of the President of the United States, in the process exposing an exceedingly dangerous, powerful shadow organization. The entire episode came at great personal cost and forever changed the trajectory of the couple’s lives.


Now at the peak of her career as one of the preeminent novelists of the day, Jay is finally ready to put the past to rest in a fictional treatment...until powerful government forces intervene.


Oscar-winning actress Dara Thomas and her new wife, screenwriter Rebecca Minton, may hold the key to disseminating the truth.


Two of the most visible, formidable power couples in the country stand against the might of a government hell-bent on keeping secrets.


From the hallowed halls of the White House to the glittering streets of Hollywood, this is one adventure for the books.




Final Cut by Lynn Ames is the fourth book in her series featuring Kate and Jay, with Dara and Rebecca from All That Lies Within joining them. I haven’t read any other books in the series and was a little skeptical when Lynn said it stands alone, but she was totally right and I loved it!

Katherine Kyle and Jameson Parker saved the president’s life almost three decades ago, exposing the nefarious Commission in the process—even if only to their government. Now a respected novelist, Jay has written a book that draws on these events in a way that will let everyone in the world know about the Commission without revealing state secrets. Thanks to intimidation from the FBI and IRS, however, her publisher drops the book (and Jay as their client) and her agent isn’t taking her calls.

After meeting and getting to know Kate and Jay a little, Oscar-winning actress Dara Thomas and her professor-turned-screenwriter wife Rebecca Minton-Thomas want to help. The world needs this story, so maybe the best way is to take it straight to screen. But will they succeed when the government clearly wants to keep this story buried?

The Characters

Whether you’ve read the other Kate and Jay books (which I haven’t) or All That Lies Within (which I have), you should find it easy to connect or reconnect with the four main characters. Final Cut may be Kate and Jay’s book, but we get a lot of time with Rebecca and Dara, catching up with them now that they’ve been married for a little while. I especially liked seeing them revel in their honeymoon period and how that contrasts with Kate and Jay working through difficulties almost thirty years into their relationship.

The many excellent side characters gives the book a feeling of having a true ensemble cast, even with one main couple at its axis. Everyone is drawn well enough to be compelling, with clear motivations, without any one character taking up too much unnecessary focus.

The Writing Style

I don’t typically read romantic intrigue, but am I ever glad I did this time because Final Cut is a fun, interesting book from the first page to the last. I was immediately hooked and I had a hard time putting down Final Cut for things like sleep and going to work.

There’s a lot of love with the two main couples, but this isn’t a romance novel. The relationships are established, so rather than seeing the women come together, we see their love affirmed and deepened. The real focus is on who wants to keep Jay’s story away from the world, and I was so interested in who was pulling the strings that I didn’t skip ahead once (for those of you who follow the Les Do Books podcast and know how much it bothers Brooklyn when I read ahead, you’ll know how big a deal that really is).

The Pros

Great characters, writing, pacing, and plot. Final Cut has it all.

I particularly appreciated that Lynn Ames included enough information about the previous books that I was never lost. Even more commendable is that she weaves it in the dialogue in a way that is completely natural, avoiding info dumps at every possible turn. This book is all showing, no telling, in a way that kept me engaged, delighted, and frequently laughing.

The Cons

I have to go read Kate and Jay’s first three books now. Wait, that’s not a con. Shall we go with the new favourite Lesbian Review con of “it ended”? Yes, that’s the one.

The Conclusion

I absolutely loved Final Cut and I can’t recommend it enough. Whether you’ve read all of Lynn Ames’s other books or this is your first, this book is not to be missed.