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  • I will appear as part of the ReadOut 2023 Festival of Lesbian Literature from February 17-19, 2022. The Festival will be held virtually, and admission is free. Register online to receive the Zoom links. I'll be reading from my upcoming biography, Out at the Plate: The Dot Wilkinson Story.

I'm scheduled to appear at the 2023 Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) annual conference in Denver, Colorado from June 28-July 2, 2023.



When I was eight years old and people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I’d straighten up to my full height (probably 36” tall) and proclaim, “I want to write books and be left alone!”

They’d chuckle indulgently and tell me that was nice. I’m sure not a single one of them took me seriously.

That was many years ago. Throughout the decades, as my professional career took off, I never lost that desire to write—to tell stories—especially the kind of stories that would change people’s lives.

Almost twenty years ago, I took a leap of faith and walked away from a perfectly excellent career (sort of like jumping out of a perfectly good plane with a parachute) to pursue my passion and my dream.

I was determined to unerase us (women and LGBTQ+ individuals) from society, from history, and from invisibility, one story at a time. I was determined to ensure that we ALL felt seen, heard, and valued. I wanted to tell stories that mattered and lifted us up.

Through sixteen novels (so far) you all have rewarded me richly, beyond my wildest expectations (although I have no idea WHAT I was expecting). YOU, my readers and friends, have been so supportive, loyal, and steadfast. My characters and I have been so humbled and honored to be part of the fabric of your lives.

Today, I get to share with you all a new horizon, and it’s hard for me to express all the emotions I am feeling. Most of you know about my friendship with the extraordinary, indomitable Dot Wilkinson. You’ve all listened to the stories and come along with us on this journey. I’ve shared so much with you over the years, I know Dot feels like family to many of you too. And I’ve shared with you all that I’ve been working on Dot’s biography.

A decade of research. Three years of writing. The search for the perfect way to share Dot and her amazing story with the entire world. And now I get to share with you the next step:

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